How to Judge the Appearance of Door Sleeve

2019-05-27 14:10:54 zhongqi 0

Nowadays everyone is concerned about the beautiful appearance, so when you choose, you will choose the appearance and feeling on the premise of guaranteeing the quality. Linyimen's line manufacturer's products are very decorative and protective. If you want to use the door cover, quality judgment can not be underestimated, so today we first need to understand its appearance quality judgment method.

In order to judge the quality of the doorway, appearance is a very important criterion. Manufacturers pay great attention to appearance and quality in manufacturing. Therefore, manufacturers also impose strict quality regulations on them and select wood when selecting materials. Thin wood, bright, smooth and burr-free; they have similar colors, no knots, cracks, corrosion defects; pictures should be clear, do not split, the depth of treatment is the same.

For painted lines, the door covers manufacturer needs to check the brightness and color difference on the front of the door covers, as well as the wood on the back. This production line is still widely used, especially in the decoration industry.

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