Selection of decorative drawing frame lines

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Selection of decorative drawing frame lines

Many people like to paint their own paintings, or friends send their own paintings, and then they go to decoration shops to decorate. How can I hang up because I don't care how to protect pictures? Some decoration shop masters will recommend to you what lines look good, some masters may pretend to be more cross-stitch, for your painting may also be based on cross-stitch or aesthetic standards, which may not conform to the picture completely, and may even damage the original feeling and aesthetic sense of the picture. So how do you choose the decorative line, that is, the frame line?

The small edition provides suggestions for the users from the following aspects:

Look at the picture layout. If there are more blank areas around the original painting (such as sketch portraits, color lead portraits). You can choose lighter wood frame lines or black-and-white lines. Don't choose gold, silver or portrait that feels like a Buddha. It looks uncomfortable. In short, it's good. If the picture is very full, it is recommended to install the interior line to increase the sense of space.

Second, look at the style of the picture. If the picture is European style oil painting, realistic landscape oil painting, heavy color, complex description. You can choose the elegant and quiet European-style photo frame line for decoration. Very atmospheric and solemn. Usually, the selected frame lines are gold, wood, silver and other large size lines.

Third, look at the size of the picture. It's very simple. Small paintings are small lines. Big paintings are big lines. Otherwise, they are totally disharmonious.

Look at the color of the picture. Usually, the color and line of the picture are the most relevant or the same. In addition, a colorful modern simple frame of Chinese painting will be wonderful, should be matched with Chinese antique lines or simple wooden lines, in order to adapt to Chinese painting. The best paintings are equipped with European frame lines.

I hope the decorative paintings and lines above can help you decorate your pictures.

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