Teach you how to choose decorative materials

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Teach you how to choose decorative materials

When buying decorative materials, you should shop everywhere. When purchasing standard industrial products, such as paints and hardware accessories, qualified brand products should be selected. The main points of decoration materials are as follows:

Veneer: Texture, texture and color are basically the same. The veneer thickness is 0.3 mm, and the backplane is good.

2. Big core board: the two sides of the panel are complete, smooth, good color, square in the middle, seamless, no cracks and glue after sawing.

3, splint: smooth on both sides, no damage, no patch, the thickness of the middle layer is the same, the placement is basically not inclined or slightly inclined.

4. Gypsum board: can be sawn, planed, nailed, paper surface does not foam, the thickness is the same, smooth appearance.

5. Fireproof board: thick and thin, meet the requirements, pleasant color, not fragile (winter construction slightly brittle).

6. Wood flooring: good wood, good paint, good processing quality, clear texture, smooth touch.

7. Line: Texture, texture, good color, basically the same, smooth surface.

8. Ceramic tiles: same size, no color difference, flat surface, no edge angle and falling edge, the sound of tapping is clear and crisp.

9. Stone material: uniform size, uniform thickness, no obvious difference in color difference, basically the same pattern, good finish, no edges and lower edges.

10. Sanitary ware: smooth surface, positive color, crisp sound of porcelain structure, excellent processing of metal parts, with qualified guarantee and warranty card.

11. Hardware: Smooth surface, heavy handcuffs, standard screw processing, flexible rotation.

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