Functional characteristics of EPS lines

Issuing time:2022-04-30 14:26

Functional characteristics of EPS lines.

(1) Light weight, EPS line [2] aggregate is polystyrene, its product weight is about 1/6 of GRC decoration line, one person can move and construct at will. And fire prevention, waterproof, moth-proof, mildew-proof, crack-proof. The construction is convenient and simple. It is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor decorative materials. It is a new green decorative material.

(2) The main products include carving, window sleeve, waist line, door sleeve, eaves line, beam support, Roman column, door decoration, decorative components and other products, and can accept custom-made drawings.

(3) Stick firmly. EPS decoration line mainly uses polymer mortar to bond with wall surface. Polymer mortar is made by mixing organic glue with inorganic material cement mortar. It has a long service life and strong bonding. It has national standards and specifications, and has been proved safe and reliable in a large number of Engineering applications, thus avoiding the hidden danger of anchor bolt fixing construction and anchor bolt rust, and thoroughly solving the problem. The problems of cold and hot bridges for external insulation of exterior walls have been solved.

(4) Installation is simple and convenient. Using special bonding materials and methods, one person can install and construct, especially for a large number of line projects, which only need bonding installation. The pattern effect is clear and natural, elegant and luxurious.

(5) There is no gap between the lines. EPS decorative lines use the same gap filling material as wall bonding, all the cracks disappear, and there will be no cracks in future use.

(6) Environmental protection: the use of synthetic fibers as raw materials to meet the National Engineering decoration standards of non-toxic and harmless green products.

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