How to distinguish PS foaming line from wood-plastic line?

Issuing time:2022-04-30 14:27

How to distinguish PS foaming line from wood-plastic line?

Many friends know that PS foam line is made of professional raw materials. They are foamed and look like plastic, but they are not. However, one of the products on the market is made of plastics of the lowest grade doped with other wood flour. These lines are called wood plastic lines, which are non foaming, stable and have poor basic line properties, but their appearance is similar to that of the PS foam line. Because of the similarity on the surface, many buyers do not know how to distinguish between PS foam line and wood plastic line. Let's tell you the real difference between the two through Yajing Xiaobian!

First of all, the wood-plastic line mainly includes PE, PP, PVC and other plastic materials, as well as the appropriate proportion of wood flour (bamboo powder, straw powder, glutinous rice powder) and calcium powder, as well as special additives, mixed. After granulation, extrusion, grinding or embossing, it is made into environmentally friendly and waterproof wood materials. Most PE and P P based plastics use recycled materials because of their good fluidity, large amount of fillers, non-foaming and low cost. The dimensional stability of cold and heat cycles is poor, and special flame retardants are needed to meet the fire protection requirements.

PS foam line basically does not add wood fiber filler. After forming, the surface texture effect is formed by processes such as wire drawing and embossing. The fatal defect of PS substrate is that it is easy to degrade and embrittle under the action of ultraviolet radiation (not suitable for outdoor use), and not fire-proof (not suitable for indoor use). To solve these problems, complex material modification is needed. Costs will also rise sharply. In addition, most products produced by foaming must use new materials. PVC materials have poor fluidity, limited filler addition and high material cost.

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