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Yiwu De. U Decoration Materials Co., Ltdestablished
in 2018. The founder is focused on the photo frame
and oil painting industry for 20 more years.

We are manufacturing vendor in our own factory. we
are familiar with market and industry ,we do a lot of
market Research,We are always ready to provide you
with latest market information

As a Design-oriented company we have dozens of
designers and 80-100 images per month.

We are certified by BSCI,ISO9001,FSC,SGS, so that you
can rest assured of our product quality.also we have a
good quality system.we can handle our supply chain

Our three major advantages: fastflexiblefocused.

We use the materials of recycleeco-friendly,
sustainable ,we are try to 3R:ReduceReuseRecycle
to protect our earth.



Proud to announce our latest achievement: EU Design Patent for our acoustic panels. Innovation meets aesthetics as we redefine sound solutions. Elevate your spaces with style and functionality.  欧盟...



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Yiwu De.u Decoration Materials Co.,Ltd

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